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M10d Magnetometer

The M10d Magnetometer can detect the magnetic fields of all ferromagnetic objects including manholes, valve boxes, cast iron pipes, 'bell' joints and service connections. Using the Magnetometer can help pinpoint the exact location to dig.

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M14d Magnetometer

The M14d is MBW's entry model magnetometer. It is mainly used to detect UXOs (Unexploded Ordinances.)

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Hornet Low Vibration Rock Drill

The Minnich Hornet utility drill is designed for drilling gas leak detection and extraction holes, and features a patent-pending frame and feed cylinder to absorb drill vibrations.

The machine is isolated from the operator and therefore vibrations are greatly reduced.

The Hornet can drill through a variety of materials including concrete, asphalt, brick, and dirt.

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Vapour Extraction Unit

The VAPOUR EXTRACTION UNIT (VEU) extracts gas from saturated soil, pinpoints leak location, facilitates more timely repair and in the process delivers dramatic reductions in earthwork and pavement costs.

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