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Ligchine Laser-Guided Screeds

Boom Operated Screed Machines

SCREEDSAVER Boom-Operated Screeds 

Ligchine offers a full line of high-performance boom-operated screeds to address the requirements for commercial flatwork.

Our broad range of machines ensures the optimal combination of performance and value for every customer, from small owner/operators to large global construction companies. 

Ligchine designs and manufactures highly reliable laser-guided screeds using cutting-edge technology to automate the process of flat finishing concrete.

Ligchine equipment is essential in the construction of every structure, building, warehouse or facility that requires a flat floor

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Drive-In Screed Machines

Ligchine SPIDERSCREED™ Drive-In Screeds 

Ligchine SPIDERSCREED™ drive-in systems are compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable systems for upper deck concrete and ground floor slab screeding applications.

They offer powerful performance, allowing lower slumps and cooler running at all times. 

Also they incorporate Ligchine’s patented machine levelling system to ensure flatter floors and greater compaction than simple screed head only levelling systems.

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