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Forced Action Paddle Mixers

We're so confident in the superiority of MBW's mixers that we simply encourage you to take a look and draw your own conclusions.

Single piece of 1.63" hex steel makes up the MBW main shaft. The 1045 steel has a high carbon content which is 40% stronger than standard 1018 steel.

Blade arms with conforming plates and hardware affix to the hex shaft without slippage or sacrificing strength due to other designs as bored holes or weldment to shaft.

Heavy cast iron trunnion has a .64" thick mounting flange and is bolted to the drum side with four grade 5 carriage bolts. Utilizing three rigid steel washers and three flexible synthetic grease seals to effectively protect the bearings.

Lap welded drum. Stronger then butt weldment. Better penetration of weld. Less chance to fracture or crack. Longer life.

Heavy duty spoke cast steel bull gear and cast steel dual belt pulleys provide ultimate strength for the life of the mixer.

Hydraulic drive system for smooth forward/reverse mixing and dumping of heavy loads. Available on the 9 and 12 cubic foot units.

Patented drum locking system allows hands-free dumping and locking. Also acts as a strong transport securing system.

Engine shroud of heavy duty, 14 gauge steel provides protection and safety during operation and transport while during operation and transport while offering plenty of air circulation for the motor to increase in-service life.

Self opening/closing safety grid is welded at each juncture providing superior strength with heavy duty built-in bag cutter.

Cold rolled steel wrap up to 1/4" thick and side plates up to 7 gauge with pressed reinforcement provide longer life

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