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Liquid Screed


The most popular mixing station for self-leveling flooring compounds, the Mega Hippo is known as the “Game Changer” and the “Band-Aid of mixers” in the industry. Because they’re easy to use and consistently deliver a perfect mix, they save you time and money when mixing and pouring compounds.

The Pelican adds additional efficiencies when used to transport the completed mix to the wet edge pour site. With its capacity to carry a full Mega Hippo load, you can complete massive projects with increased efficiency and profitability. The added option of mixing smaller batches in the Pelican is also an advantage.

Dapple Bars

The MBW Dapple bar is used for Floor Screeds - Built to a high quality and extremely lightweight.

Slump Test Equipment

Robust Stainless-steel flow cones and flow plates for slump testing.


This equipment is used by screeders as testing kits to determine the flowability/slump of free-flowing, self-leveling liquid screeds.



Screed tripods are made from a unique NO CORRODE fully stainless steel and are ideal for levelling liquid screed and self-compacting concrete. With height adjustment for material depths of between 10mm & 150mm.

Elongated stainless steel nut and M12 stainless threaded shaft, oversized leg thickness for added stability, strength & durability. With welded 60mm stainless steel levelling disc.

Comes in a pack of 20.


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