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Barrel Mounted Sprayers

The Barrel Mounted Sprayers mix and spray water based curing and sealing compounds and form release agents for concrete applications.

BMS74 features a 300 psi, 7.5 gpm roller pump and will handle up to 25% water based solids. The BMS95 utilizes a 550 psi, 9.5 gpm diaphragm pump for handling heavier water based particulate loads to 35%.
Sprayers are housed in an extra wide, heavy duty protective frame.
The frame design is easily clamped to the top of a 55 gallon steel drum.
The frame has provision for winding the hose for safe storage and transport. Frame also has a spry gun barrel holder.
Hose and spray gun are easily attached using quick connect couplings to the pump.
Standard pressure gauge for the model BMS95, optional on the BMS75.
Sprayers will spray over distances farther than hand held pump sprayers to facilitate effective coverage of the surface for quick productivity.
Pressure is adjustable to meet the needs of the application and materials being used.
Optional Easy Load Cart will easily roll 55 gallon drums onto the frame via a tilt up bed and secured in place with winch straps by one operator. Cart rolls on pneumatic tires and rubber castors for use on green concrete without damaging slab.
25, 50, 100 foot hydraulic hoses, 9 foot spray wand, spray tip kits, 9 foot spray wand, spray tip kits, heavy duty guns available

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