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Concrete Screed Units


The ScreeDemon’s patented mount retention method enables the use of low durometer isolators without loss of operator control. Hand/arm vibration is 50 to 90% lower than competitive screeds.

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Wizard Screed

The Wizard Screed is a fast, efficient, economical way to accurately screed concrete floors.

The WS35 WIZARD SCREED aluminium blades are also FULLY INTERCHANGEABLE with the other makes of screeding unit. 

Blade lengths ranging from 2.44m / 8ft to 4.88m / 16ft are available

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MBW's Blitzscreed® is the state-of-the art in vibratory truss screeds. The Blitzscreed is set-up and cleaned in roughly half the time of other screeds.

Mechanical problems common to other designs are eliminated.

All bolted construction eliminates weldment failure. MBW's patented offset eccentric shaft/bearing design results in far more uniform vibration across the screed and greatly extends bearing life.

The patented quick coupling method of joining section shafts is fast and eliminates failure of mechanical connectors.

Blitzscreed sections come in 8' (2.54m), 4' (1.32m) and 2' (0.71m) lengths and can be combined to produce screeds up to 75' (23m).


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Aluminium Hand Tamps

The MBW range of aluminium hand tamps are available in lengths up to 8m. They offer a simple and economical solution to manually tamping freshly laid concrete.

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Double Beam Screed

The double beam screeding process is a long-established and well-favoured method of screeding newly poured concrete, ideal for site use and a popular, proven hire fleet accompaniment

Alternative beam lengths are available on request

Beam sets are compatible with other manufacturer's double beam drive units

Handle pitch adjustments, enabling the operator to work at a comfortable height

Quick-release beam clamps, reducing set up and breakdown times

British made

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