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Concrete Finishing Division

Concrete Screed Units

MBW offer a selection of concrete levelling tools. These range from the aluminium hand tamps to the Blitzscreed®, state-of-the-art vibratory truss screed.

Power Trowels

The MBW Walk-Behind Power Trowels feature the industry's heaviest bearings, output shafts, gears, spiders and blade arms to reduce vibration and wobble.


MBW offer 4 different Paddle Mixer sizes, ranging from 6 cu.ft. to 12 cu.ft capacity. The larger units are available with either an enclosed gearbox or hydraulic version.

Concrete finishing tools

MBW have a range of concrete finishing tools and accessories.

Concrete Sprayers

The Barrel Mounted Sprayers mix and spray water based curing and sealing compounds and form release agents for concrete applications.

Slipform Paver

The MBW Paver slip forms curb, curb & gutter and similar profiles with a level of quality that rivals larger pavers. In commercial parking lots and other applications with tight radii, the MBW Paver out-performs larger machines. Cost savings associated with use of the MBW Paver are significant and ongoing. Purchase cost is a fraction of large pavers and the maintenance is low.

Floor Saws

This Floor Saw is a robustly constructed, powerful cutting machine that is designed for all types of concrete and asphalt repair work.

Roller Strikers

The Roller Striker provides a fast, efficient and alternative way to strike off and finish varying sized floor areas of newly poured concrete.

Concrete pokers

MBW's range of petrol pokers include the Portavibe, a highly portable, one-man operation concrete poker.


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