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Boom Mounted Vibratory Wheels

The EXA Series of Boom Mounted Vibratory Wheels were introduced in 1995 and provided substantial gains in soil compaction productivity. In 2007, the larger EXA models were replaced by the more versatile UV Series of Vibratory Wheels, but two popular EXA models remain in production. The EXAL18 is a light weight compactor suited to larger mini-excavators and rubber tired backhoes. The EXA18 is a heavily built vibratory wheel best suited to excavators in the 20,000 to 60,000 lb. range.

Both models feature a frame free drum width of 18inches. Combining up to 1/2 the static weight of the host machine with vibration at 2600 VPM, these compactors make quick work of compaction requirements on the full range of soil types.

Both models come with integral backfill leveling blade and can be affixed to booms via pin mount or quick coupler methods.

EXA18L & EXA18 Vibratory Wheels

The UVW18L is a lightweight (1090 lbs) vibratory wheel for large mini-excavators and rubber tired backhoes 12K to 18K weight.

The EXA18 is a 1,515 lb vibratory wheel with heavier frame and overall construction. This model is recommended for excavators in the 18K to 45K range. Both models have an 18" operating width and are available in vibratory mode only.

• Backfill leveling blade integral to all EXAs.

Operating Weight 1090 lbs (494 kg) 1515 lbs (678 kg)
Working Width 18"  in (46 cm) 18" in (46 cm)
Amplitude Variable with Static Pressure Variable with Static Pressure
Centrifugal Force 5,800 lbs (25.8 kN) 5,800 lbs (25.8 kN)
Exciter Speed 2600 vpm 2600 vpm
Flow Requirement 10-40 gpm             (35-151 lpm) 10-70 gpm             (35-151 lpm)
Pressure Required 1,500-3,000 psi    (103-207 bar) 1,500-3,000 psi    (103-207 bar)


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